Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2024: The Definitive Collection Volume 2

Party Favorz is back with Volume 2 of the definitive “Gay Anthems For A New Generation” collection, featuring classic gay and modern queer anthems reimagined for today’s dance floors. This set is packed with timeless gay anthems, including Denis Bravo’s masterpiece rework of Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You,” seamlessly blended with a snippet of …Read More, Stream and Download

Young twink wearing a white Versace t-shirt for the coverart of Gay Anthems For a New Generation 2024 Volume 1

Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2024: The Definitive Collection Volume 1

Party Favorz kicks off Gay Pride with our annual “Gay Anthems For A New Generation” series. Launched in 2016, this series revitalizes beloved gay anthems from decades past with modern reworks for today’s LGBTQ+ Millennials and Gen Z. This year’s definitive collection features the biggest anthems and reworks, along with fresh reinterpretations of classics. We’ve …Read More, Stream and Download

Wooden crate full of records with the word "Backspin" etched across the top, and a iPod + earbuds leaning up against it.

Progress House Classics & Other Millennial Favorites: BackSpin Volume 1

Have you been scrolling through TikTok lately, searching for the next big thing in club music? You might be encountering a surge of tracks labeled “Afro House.” But hold on a minute – isn’t that what Progressive House used to be called? This trend of rebranding classic genres isn’t new. Remember when Deep House morphed …Read More, Stream and Download